Talking may be a more sophisticated way than meowing but cats have their own emotions and ways of showing 'language'.


Hissing- 'I'm not pleased!', 'Leave me alone!', 'Get out!'

Growling- 'No!', 'Don't!' 'Stop it!'

Spitting- 'Yuck!', 'No!', 'So what!'

Scratching- 'Go away!', 'Leave me alone!', 'No! Not yet', 'Rrr!'


Purring- 'My pleasure', 'Of course', 'I love you.'

Rubbing- 'Mine', 'I love you.'

Meowing- 'Doing fine,' 'May I?', 'Go ahead', 'Welcome.'

Rolling- 'Lovely day', 'Feeling quite fine!', 'Today's the best day!'

Stretching- 'I really want to go outside', 'And today is the time to face a new day!', 'Wakey, Wakey!'


Wailing- 'Don't!', 'No! Not yet!', 'W-why?!', 'Ow!'

Choking- 'I don't like it!', 'Stop it!', 'Don't do it!'

Fleeing- 'Leave me alone!', 'You win... Please stop!', 'No!'

Jumping- 'Eep!', 'Don't!', 'Rrr.'


Flicking (Ear)- 'Hmm', 'What is that I hear?', 'I wonder whats going on.'

Yawning- 'Bored', 'Nap time', 'Hmm.'

Staring- 'What's that', 'So...'

Stalking- 'Dinner's right there', 'Better get this done and over with', 'I'm wondering.'

Flicking (Tail)- 'Everyday is the same', 'La-la-la.'

Sneeze- 'Achoo', 'Yuck!', 'I'm cold.'


A yawning cat.

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