Munchkin cats are known for their small and stubby legs.

A munchkin cat.

Size: Small to medium

Grooming: Moderate

Diet: Moderate

Body Shape: Semi-foreign

Colours Vaiations: All colours; white locket

Lifespan: 9+ years


The munchkin is a relatively new breed created by a mutation that causes achondroplasia, resulting in cats with abnormally short legs.


The breed originated in North American in 1983, when a very short-legged, pregnant cat was found. Sometimes reffered to as the feline version of the Dachshund. New breed status in TICA.



Its head is an equilateral triangle with rounded corners.

Eyes and Ears

Ears are triangular shaped, eyes are walnut shaped in vivid colors.

Body and Legs

The Munchkin body is broad and medium length, with a medium-thick, tapered tail. Legs are short, with rounded paws. The shorthair's coat is dense and luxurious. Longhair is semi-long with a ruff longer than body hair.


The Munchkin is gentle, loving and playful, with a kittenlike personality.


Munchkins are prone to obesity so control feeding. Weekly brushing is needed.

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