Litter-mates are playing together.

Cats are known to have their natural instincts- behaviour and age, every cat is different depending on their personality.



Seen as playful in their youth years- 1-12 months, they will to react to anything to see. They are very nimble and are seen as easy targets for rival cats, kittens stick to their mother when they are newborn and until they turn 3 weeks old they will begin to observe the outer world.


Adult cat are much more different then kittens and elders, being very territorial and hostile to others cats. Females are very protective of their kits and males have no intention of caring for their young and stick to their natural territorial instinct. They prefer to have wide territories and get very berserk at night and will attack anything smaller than them such as birds, squirrels, mice, rival cats, etc. They are likely to fight over territories and possibly mates, however they are carefree and sensetive in the day.


Cats 8-15 over are very lazy and prefer to lie down in comfy spots, but some are very lively despite the fact they sleep 75% of the day. Some elders act like adults and are very protective, most elders are likely to depend on their owners for protection and luxury.



Cats that are pregnant or are mothers to kittens are known as queens , it is best to keep them inside most of the time to protect them and their kits from danger- queens are likely to give birth in a private spot or in a basket. In pregnacy they keep quiet and content and act natural however when near birth they will keep meowing and acting more different than their normal selves. They start to sleep and feed to their kits after they give birth.


Stray cats are very personal and are very sensitive to humans, if seen- they are likely to run away. Some will live in small groups and feed on thrown out leftovers or hunt prey, but some will act territorial and attack others.


Well cared cats will stick with their owners as they have given trust to them. They are very dependent on their owners for pampering. They are likely to sleep and be lazy, and act naturally.


Sick cats are likely to meow alot and writh on the ground, they act much more different than their normal selves. They will vomit on the ground and scratch themselves, and sometimes fail on prey-hunting.

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