Cats live in a dangerous world like us, but we may have never been haunted by the shadows of something larger than us.

Kittens live inside where it's safe.


Kittens are more likely to get killed by birds than big cats, they hunt small birds but the bigger birds overwhelm them such as; eagles, hawks, vultures (possible), owls, etc. At night keep your kittens inside.


Cats are likely to get infected by fleas and get their skin eaten away by small pests such as; fleas, maggots, ticks, etc.


Though very unlikely, dogs may have a thirst for cats despite their playful personality, some dogs like to attack cats for fun or to quench their own pleasure. It is more likely to happen with larger dogs.


  • Some bigger cats may feast on smaller cats, highly unlikely. (Only happens with kittens as prey)
  • People can eat fried dogs and cats, a horrible idea that should have never existed.

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