Cats that are mother to kittens are known as queens.


A queen feeds her kittens.


Queens need lots of care than a normal cat- to keep them safe you must;

  • Keep them inside unless if they need fresh air
  • Don't let them outside your yard
  • Give them slightly more food than daily
  • Make sure they get a little bit of exercise a day but do not over-exercise them as it may be a bad influence on the kittens
  • Watch them carefully as they may give birth earlier than predicted

Signs Of BirthEdit

To tell if a cat is ready for birth; their behaviour will be more different than normal, they will screech and wail, they are likely to be on a bed or a basket, there will be contractions on their belly.


When a queen is birthing, they are to be put in a comfy spot suitable for kittens. However, wear gloves when you need to touch a kitten as mothers don't like human scent on their kittens. It is possible that mothers may eat their newborn kittens after they given birth. They will groom their kittens and open their sacs until another kitten starts to come, they are likely to be writhing when giving birth and sometimes standing up. Pet the queen's belly if it is nervous so they can give birth in ease.

After BirthEdit

Queens are very tense and protective over their kits, kits are best given away when 3 months old as they are ready to move onto adults, however queens may continue to meow and wail for a few weeks after their kittens are gone. If a queen is overprotective over her kittens, it is best to leave and give space as a queen is very stressed.

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