People say, 'You can't train a cat- because they aren't a dog.' But cats can still be trained to be normal housecats.


A natural house-cat.

Exploring OutsideEdit

When they are just kittens, you can put them in the leash and walk them like any normal dogs. Just be aware of their actions. After repeating the process several times they know how to survive the outside and find their way back home.

Come for snack timeEdit

This can be done with any cat, first make sweet kissing noises and motion your hand back and forth until they catch your attention, if this process doesn't work then you can use a lure for several weeks and then they will know what to do. Use these processes to lead them into where they eat.

Get Off The Table!Edit

Some cats won't bother to get off the table when dinner is served, however there is one solution. First lift them off the table everytime they come on, hopefully they'll learn what happens if they come on again. If this doesn't work then repeat the 'Come for snack time' trick. If neither of them works it seems you have a fussy cat.

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